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Bovine collagen

Our hydrolysed bovine collagen peptides are easily absorbed in the body and designed to assist in cellular repair structure for hair, skin and nails, as well as bone and joints. Helps with skin elasticity, firmness and maintaining a youthful glow. Mix to your favourite drink or add to a recipe. 


A unique blend of probiotics to help populate the gut with good strains of bacteria and improve digestive balance. Proven to enhance the body’s immune function and support a weight management program.

Organic vegan protein

The ultimate blend of organic fermented plant based protein with added BCAA’s, minerals and fibres to aid in muscle repair and digestive balance. Create your favourite smoothie bowl with a daily serve.

Bentonite clay

Composed of ash made from volcanoes, bentonite helps to expel toxins within the body including heavy metals and pesticides as well as providing a range of beneficial minerals. Shown to reduce impurities from the skin and support a detox program.  

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