Our kids range has been our most exciting project yet! After all, they are the future.

Australia's best kids multi shake! Every child deserves to Thrive.

Multivitamins for Kids

Kissed Earth's 'Thrive' is more than just a multivitamin—it's a delicious foundation for your child’s daily nutritional journey. 'Thrive' multivitamins are filled with natural ingredients to boost their immune system, aid cognitive development, and strengthen bones, all wrapped up in two delicious flavours. Choose between Super Duper Choc and Scrumptious Strawberry to give your little ones a tasty, nutrient-rich start to their day.

Improve your child's immune system with Kissed Earth

As children explore and grow, their natural defences are constantly on duty. Kissed Earth's Thrive multi-shakes provide a nutritional shield to support their adventurous lives. These delicious, plant-based vitamin shakes combine nature's finest with organic fermented pea and fava bean protein with a blend of essential vitamins and minerals. These shakes, rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, and Vitamins C, E, B, A & D, are meticulously formulated to support the unique nutritional needs of growing children. Free from gluten and dairy, they’re gentle on little tummies to make sure every sip supports their immune system, cognitive development, and physical strength.

Why kids should take vitamin supplements

Kissed Earth understands that assurance is as important as nutrition when it comes to your child's health. These multivitamin shakes for kids are crafted with 100% natural ingredients, free from anything artificial, to support your child's growth and well-being. We recommend consulting with your healthcare professional for personalised advice before use to ensure Kissed Earth multi-shakes fit your child's specific health needs.

Benefits of Kissed Earth multi shakes for kids

Thrive multi shakes are crafted to nourish and support every aspect of a child's development. Packed with plant-based protein, essential vitamins, and fibre, each shake is filled with nutrients that support everything from muscle growth to cognitive development and gut health. 

These shakes are a fusion of vital nutrients, carefully balanced to ensure your child doesn't just grow but thrives. Designed for versatility, these shakes can easily be incorporated into baking or cooking, ensuring your children enjoy their nutritional benefits in exciting new ways. This flexibility means your kids can have fun while getting their daily nutritional boost, keeping mealtime interesting and nutritious. With a rich mix of calcium, protein, and fibre, they're the perfect recipe for well-rounded development, and their delicious taste makes them an easy and fun addition to their daily routine. 

Boost your child's Vitality with Kissed Earth Multivitamins for Kids

Discover natural nourishment for your growing kids with Kissed Earth's kids' vitamin range. 'Thrive' shakes are a delightful addition to your child's active lifestyle, offering a rich blend of essential nutrients in flavours they'll love. It’s an effortless way to ensure they get a balanced start each day.

At Kissed Earth, we’re here for your family’s well-being journey. The range extends beyond children’s supplements to include collagen products, supplements, adult vitamins, and even pet chews, ensuring every family member enjoys a happier, healthier life.

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