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Collagen Products

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body; it's like a natural glue that keeps everything together and functioning in the smoothest way possible. It provides strength and structure in your skin, hair, nails, bones, ligaments and tendons. It's the secret behind that natural youthful bounce in your skin and the strength in your joints. As you age, however, your body starts to produce less natural collagen - it becomes important to find that collagen elsewhere and continue to give your body that nourishment. 

This is where supplemental collagen can help. If you're looking for a natural way to boost your well-being and collagen production, explore the range of collagen products at Kissed Earth to ensure your body is nourished from the inside out with only the best. 

What is Collagen, and Why Should I Use Kissed Earth's Collagen? 

So what exactly is collagen? Collagen is one of your body's most trusted friends; it's always looking out for your well-being. But once that natural level of collagen drops, it can create a larger strain on your body and contribute to a diminished state of well-being. 

At Kissed Earth, the range of collagen for women’s health is created with only the best in mind. The collagen peptides are sourced to match the highest quality standards, with a 99.9% bioavailability. This means that the product is more refined, and is much easier for your body to absorb and digest, so you will see and feel the results sooner. 

The Marine collagen, Luminous, is sourced from deep sea fish in France and contains type I collagen, known as a beauty booster - it will help improve the quality of your skin, hair and nails. While the Brilliance Bovine collagen, sourced from pasture-fed cows from Gelita in Germany, provides type I and III collagen, which helps improve both beauty and your internal well-being. 

What are the Benefits of Collagen Supplementation?  

From giving your hair, nails, and skin that extra bit of love to saying a gentle goodbye to those inner health concerns, Kissed Earth collagen supplements play an essential role in caring for your body.

Collagen supplements improve the strength of your nails, the shine of your hair, and the elasticity and hydration of your skin for a more youthful appearance. It also improves your joint health and aids muscle recovery. For those looking to enhance the body's second brain, the gut, collagen is the perfect solution. It can help provide precious amino acids needed to repair and rebuild the intestinal wall, which can also help prevent a leaky gut. 

Can You Use Kissed Earth Collagen Products Together?

Of course! Buying the Kissed Earth range of supplemental collagen peptides, like Brilliance or Luminous, alongside Kissed Earth collagen skincare or protein powder is a great way to boost your collagen internally and externally. 

Whether you want to put Replenish vegan protein in your smoothie alongside Brilliance, boost your collagen on the go with a protein baror want to end the day with the Enliven collagen cream, boosting your digested and topical collagen is a wellness choice made simple with Kissed Earth. 

What Is the Best Way to Get Started With Kissed Earth Collagen Products? 

If you want to start your journey towards a brighter and healthier you, there are plenty of options within the Kissed Earth range. Buying our Brilliance collagen is the perfect product for those who haven't used collagen supplementation before, as it can easily be used in your morning coffee, tea or smoothie without any change in taste. But if you're looking for a more well-rounded approach to your well-being journey, Kissed Earth's starter pack is the perfect choice. This pack includes the Brilliance collagen and the Replenish vegan protein to support the improvement of your inner health while seeing the benefits of collagen for your hair, skin and nails too. 

Discover the perfect collagen boost with Kissed Earth and start striding towards your more radiant and vibrant self. Remember, beauty shines brightest when it's nourished from within!