It’s always important to first check with your healthcare professional before taking any supplements during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, our products are all 100% natural, quality sourced and do not contain anything artificial. 

You sure can! Our Brilliance Collagen unflavoured is designed to be added in to your favourite smoothie or morning coffee without affecting the taste. Our Brilliance pineapple & coconut, is naturally flavoured and can be simply added to a shaker with water. For optimum health benefits we recommend adding Brilliance collagen with Replenish Vegan Protein for a complete protein profile. 

Essential to the Kissed Earth range is the use of high quality ingredients to better support nutritional outcomes. The collagen used in Kissed Earth is no exception, we are proud to have partnered with GELITA a world leader in the sustainable & ethical manufacture of Collagen and research into its health benefits.

Gelita collagen is produced in Germany and South America from its ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 quality accredited manufacturing facilities. These third party audited accreditations ensure that the product is made consistently to the highest quality standard expected by Kissed Earth and our customers.

To read more about Gelitas commitment to quality, sustainability and ethical manufacture head to:

Our Brilliance  collagen unflavoured is a 100% pure bovine collagen, providing the body with a unique branch chain amino acid (BCAA) profile to help strengthen skin, hair, nails, joints, muscles, bones, the gut lining and so much more. This product is designed to be added to your morning coffee or favourite smoothie without affecting the taste.

Brilliance pineapple & coconut provides the same benefits as Brilliance unflavoured with a delicious and refreshing natural infusion. You can simply add a scoop of this to a shaker with water.

Cleanse apple beets is a unique blend of collagen with botanicals, probiotics and bentonite clay to help detoxify the body, eliminate heavy metals, support the gut and promote overall wellness. You can add a scoop of this to a shaker with water and enjoy.

Replenish Vegan Protein is a nutrient rich protein blend made with organic fermented pea and fava bean protein with added magnesium and branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s). It’s designed as the ultimate plant based blend to replenish, repair and support your body from within. Best consumed after a workout or at any time you feel your body needs a protein booster. 

Supplements alone will not provide your body with everything it needs to be healthy and it’s important to ensure you are eating a balanced diet consisting of real, wholesome foods. Our supplements are designed to support a healthy diet and provide your body with everything it needs for optimum wellness results. They can be taken at any time throughout the day with meals or drinks. We recommend taking our Cleanse on an empty stomach to aid in the detoxifying process. 

Our Replenish protein is 100% vegan and made with organic fermented pea and fava bean protein with added magnesium and branch chain amino acids. Our Brilliance Collagen is a bovine collagen, derived from beef and is therefore not vegan.

None of our products contain gluten or dairy. We are very passionate about creating products that are allergen free. 

We do offer refunds for damaged or faulty goods only. Please see our Refunds and Returns Policy "here".

Our products are 100% natural and contain nothing artificial. However always check with your healthcare professional if you’re unsure or need advice on whether the product is suitable for an individual. 

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