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Longevity Pack

920 g

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A fantastic introduction to the Kissed Earth range, our Longevity Pack makes the perfect place to start if you're feeling like you need a healthy change: 

1. Our Purifying Beauty Cleanse will have you feeling your best in 20 days! Take Cleanse in the morning on an empty stomach and in conjunction with a clean diet for best results.

2. Brilliance is our best selling collagen peptide powder - add a scoop to your daily coffee, juice or smoothie. 

3. Replenish vegan protein powder is perfect for your post workout pick me up, or substitute that 3pm naughty snack with this healthy, guilt free alternative.
Shake with water, or add to your favourite shake or protein balls recipes. 

REPLENISH (Chocolate) or (Vanilla) + BRILLIANCE COLLAGEN(Unflavoured) or (Pineapple Coconut) + COLLAGEN CLEANSE

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